Keep your community informed about COVID-19 with Yext Answers at no-cost.

Your students, faculty, and staff turn to you for answers.

Don’t leave them in the dark — especially now.

The most fundamental step is making information available on university websites to answer key questions like:

“Which campus facilities are still open?”

“Will campus tours be rescheduled?”

“Is graduation cancelled?”

Your community is asking questions pertaining to COVID-19. Are you delivering timely, accurate answers?

To ensure strong community communications, we’re offering Yext Answers at no cost for 90 days. With Answers, you can respond to specific community questions with accurate, up-to-date information on your website.

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What to expect with a 90-day trial
Kickoff call with an expert A dedicated Yext Administrator will help architect what questions and answers you want to surface and build your experience.
Fast and easy setup Easy-to-follow integration instructions for your IT team to add Answers to your website.
Real-time customer insights Gain a new source of intelligence to show you what your community is looking for and where you may be missing opportunities.

Enhance your search experience with Answers

Partagez les mises à jour critiques sans tarder

The world is changing faster than you can update your website. With Answers, keeping your community informed is as simple as writing an FAQ — no time spent waiting or support tickets required. 

Get valuable customer insights

Answers logs all the questions asked on your website — including the ones you can’t answer today. This helps you see what matters most to your community, and the updates they may be looking for.


Turbocharge your existing site search

Site search already on your website? No problem. Answers adds structured results to the experience you already have today.