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What is PowerListings?

Yext has integrations with more than 100 leading online maps, apps, directories, and search engines as part of the global PowerListings Network that allow our customers to create and manage listings on the sites. Our powerful patented technology gives our customers complete control of the data and enhanced content that appear on those listings and the ability to update in real time across most of the network.

I’m already working with an SEO company. How can Yext help me?

Our technology helps create and optimize consistent location data across listings on the most popular sites consumers use to find local businesses. While not intended for SEO performance, Yext gives you the opportunity to link to your website via these listings, thereby increasing your backlinks and citations. The more backlinks and citations you have, the better for your SEO.

I don’t have a brick and mortar location. Can I use Yext?

Yes! Many of our customers are service-based businesses. Yext specializes in location data management, so as long as you are looking to optimize and manage the data about your location online our technology is useful.

I’m a digital marketing agency, can I partner with Yext?

Yes! We work with more than 4,000 professional marketers, digital agencies, SEOs, web developers, and social media managers to bring the power of Yext’s Location Cloud to their clients. By partnering, we can help you make money, save time, and provide the best business listings solution on the market so you can focus on doing what you do best. Apply to become a Yext Partner and start growing your business today.

What happens to my listings if I cancel the service?

When you cancel your subscription, Yext no longer sends your location data to the sites in the PowerListings Network so your listings are subject to the normal data compilation process at each publisher. This may result in your data and content changing.

What type of training and support is available to Yext customers?

We want our customers to maximize the value they receive from using Yext, so we offer training for all our new customers, as well as support.

How can I increase traffic to my listings?

The more you update and optimize the data and content on your listings, the more traffic and engagement you will see. Businesses that complete all 14 of the essential fields on a listing receive 347% more search and 416% more listing views. Learn how other fields affect profile views here.

How can I remove duplicate listings? What is Duplicate Suppression?

Duplicate listings get created due to a publisher’s compilation process, so the only way to remove a duplicate listing is to prevent the publisher’s compilation process from happening. Deleting listings does not stop them from reappearing.

Yext’s Duplicate Suppression uses a patented process to prevent a publisher from completing its compilation process and ensure that the duplicate listing will no longer appear.

How long does it take for listings to go live?

It takes anywhere from 1 hour to 1 week for a listing to go live. You can see the status of your listings at anytime by logging into your account.

Why is my listing marked as live in my Yext account, but the information on my actual listing has not changed?

Your listing is marked live when Yext has successfully established a connection with the specific publisher. That process takes a variable amount of time based on the publisher.

What is a widget?

The widget is a piece of code that enables you to post content from Yext directly to your website. Using Yext widgets you can upload content like staff bios, posts, event calendars and more.

How often should I update my Yext account?

You should update your basic data as often as it changes. Our real-time integrations mean you have complete control over the data that appears on your listings.

We see that businesses that update their rich content at least once a month receive more customer engagement.

What is the benefit of posting to social sites?

Your customers and prospective customers are looking for businesses like yours across the internet, and increasing on social media platforms. Posting to social sites helps you capture those customers and drives engagement.